World Health Organization — Data.

The World Health Organization, a vital sentinel against global pandemics and chronic diseases, faced a formidable challenge: its vast knowledge base lay scattered across disparate systems, hindering access and collaboration. UX agency Kore invited Set Reset to collaborate on building a prototype unified data hub to empower researchers and the public alike.

Our vision: a one-stop portal connecting every data point within the WHO. A key part of this was a suite of universal data visualisations, each equipped with consistent search and filtering controls, allowing researchers to effortlessly navigate complex datasets. These visualisations offered not just exploration, but empowerment. Data could be exported with full attribution, fostering transparency and collaboration. More importantly, they could be seamlessly embedded on external websites, extending the reach of WHO data beyond its own platform.

But the Data Hub wasn't just about raw data. We understood the power of narrative, of weaving insights into compelling stories. To solidify the WHO's authority in global health communication, we designed engaging editorial content. One part was an interactive COVID vaccine tracker, charting the journey of experimental vaccines through trials and approvals, keeping the public informed and engaged. Another was an example of a data-rich article that combined captivating visuals with insightful analysis, demystifying complex topics for a wider audience.

The culmination of our efforts? A high-fidelity prototype presented to the WHO Director General, paving the way for a fully-fledged Data Hub. While our journey stopped here, the finalised platform saw its public unveiling at the World Health Assembly in May 2023, a testament to the power of collaborative design and a shared vision for a healthier future.