Refinitiv/LSEG — FX Trade Workflow

Imagine navigating the intricate world of foreign exchange (FX) trading, where billions of dollars zip across borders at the blink of an eye. For Refinitiv (now LSEG Data & Analytics), a leading provider of global financial data, demystifying this complex ecosystem for a wider audience was paramount.

To achieve this, Wired Consulting commissioned Set Reset to create an animation that unravelled the intricacies of FX trading, seamlessly showcasing how Refinitiv’s systems orchestrate this financial ballet.

The process began by crafting a script that danced between clarity and engagement, ensuring the complexities of FX were explained in a way even financial novices could grasp. Next, we brought the narrative to life with storyboards. These visual blueprints mapped out the flow of information, ensuring each scene transitioned smoothly and the narrative unfolded with a natural rhythm.

To achieve the visual look and feel, we coordinated with Refinitiv’s brand team. We extended their distinctive identity style into the realm of animated illustration, creating a cohesive and engaging experience.

With the storyboard finalised and transformed into vibrant colour, we brought it life with meticulous motion design that added weight to the illustrations. This was made complete with a professional voiceover and a matching soundtrack to further enrich the viewing experience.

The result? An elegant explainer animation that demystifies the entire FX trade workflow, making it accessible and engaging for a wide audience. Refinitiv’s systems seamlessly glide through the narrative, showcasing their pivotal role in this financial ecosystem. Complex financial concepts are translated into captivating content that informs and engages, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.