Hakkōda — Data Innovation

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Hakkōda is a next-generation services company specialising in cloud-based data architecture and engineering. With a unique delivery model, they needed their brand design to match their ambitions. Set Reset created an identity that celebrates the beautiful complexity of data. Everything is derived from the grid, matching the disciplined approach Hakkōda take with their client's data and the modular, scalable qualities of their services.

Exploring data representation in both dimensions, we created a library of 2D generative patterns matched against high-fidelity 3D renders that bring tactility to invisible data silos. The updated palette is influenced by the Hakkōda Mountains for which the company is named, and is designed to compliment their data platform partner Snowflake. A new typographic system, icon set and document grid library creates consistency across all deliverables. A major part of this project was the complete overhaul of the website. This new version embraces modularity, with a flexible design system that Hakkōda can build from as they develop their services, ensuring room to grow as they do.



Project team

Paul Button Bob Wilson