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GSK believes that innovation starts when we stop to listen.

This generative data visualisation aims to start the conversation about the future of health innovation by providing an immersive and dynamic picture of people's opinions.

Powered by data from a live interactive survey, participants' opinions are represented by clustering spheres that move and flow in constant flux. The scene changes colour as new responses are submitted by each of the six tablets. A secondary data layer details the questions, shows live progress of the participants and the cumulative numbers for each answer.

A microsite allows external participants to take part using their personal devices. They can see how their opinions compare to others by viewing the latest results.

Used by 1,750 people over four days, data is being used to help GSK to identify trends, gather insights, and build consensus around what is important for successful and innovative scientific collaboration.

GSK data was exhibited at BIO International Convention 2023, June 5—8 , at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, MA




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