BVNK — Modern rails for moving money

BVNK, a rapidly growing company in the payment processing space, needed its brand to keep pace with its expanding ambitions. The existing identity, while functional, struggled to reflect their dynamic spirit and innovative vision.

Our journey began with a comprehensive audit of BVNK's existing content and brand assets. This in-depth analysis, coupled with insightful workshops with their marketing and design team, helped us uncover the essence of the BVNK brand: its personality, core values, and unique market positioning. We also conducted a thorough competitor analysis to identify opportunities for differentiation and carve out a distinct space for BVNK within the crowded payment provider landscape.

Armed with these insights, we embarked on a meticulous design process. First, we addressed the colour palette. Building upon the existing foundation, we introduced subtle yet impactful changes, adding complementary accents for a more harmonious look and feel in both digital and print.

Recognising the importance of the diagonal slash from the existing logo, we carefully refined and extended it. This transformed it into a versatile design system, capable of adapting to diverse use cases and applications. To ensure a smooth rollout of the new design language, we created a range of practical deliverables, including style guides and mockups, that showcased its various implementations.

Further enriching the brand experience, we created 3D device mockups that presented the product UI in use. We also developed a comprehensive set of 75 bespoke icons, designed to complement the brand identity and cater to BVNK's evolving needs. A set of spot illustrations were seamlessly integrated into the overall design system, ensuring consistency and visual coherence.

As a final touch, we created style tiles that visualised how the refreshed brand identity could be applied to future explainer animations. This forward-thinking approach ensured that BVNK's brand would not only resonate in the present but also remain adaptable and future-proof. BVNK's brand evolution went beyond a mere visual makeover, ensuring that the new identity truly reflected its dynamic spirit and propelled it towards continued success.



Project team

Paul Button Bob Wilson Chesca Kirkland James Pierson