SC Johnson and Conservation International — The Blue Paradox

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The Blue Paradox is thought-provoking exhibit that raises awareness of the plastic pollution crisis. As a key part of this, Set Reset were commissioned to create an eye-catching and immersive installation, bringing the data to life and showing the full scale of this problem.

Real-time particle simulations visualise how much plastic is entering the ocean today. Each particle represents 1oz of plastic invading the ocean right now. 14,000 particles enter the room per second; 27 tons of plastic each and every minute.

The audience can physically engage with the data, as particles dynamically respond to people in the room, creating silhouettes in plastic. A timeline sequence illustrates the dramatic increase in plastic in the ocean over the last 70 years.

Animated data stories play out on the other surfaces of the room. Each dives into a different facet of ocean plastic pollution, from where plastic comes from, how it gets into the ocean, and the consequences to both marine and human life. Localised content such as visualising the amount of plastic now in Lake Michigan brings the impacts home to the local Chicago audience.