MadefromData — Black Buck

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A screen-printed poster telling the story of Operation Black Buck, a remarkable mission during the Falklands War. A Vulcan bomber embarked on a 4,000-mile journey to the heart of the conflict and back, relying on a complex series of mid-air refuellings for its survival.

In collaboration with Squadron Leader Robert Tuxford AFC RAF Ret’d, who played a pivotal role in the mission’s success, we created what may be the most comprehensive visual representation of Black Buck to date.

Beyond a technical diagram, this print captures the human element of the mission. It charts the course of each aircrew, highlighting key decisions, tense moments, and the unwavering determination that secured victory. Flight captains, aircraft types, and fuel transfers are all meticulously documented, offering a clear and accurate historical record. This signed and numbered limited edition provides a unique window into Operation Black Buck and the spirit of those who made it possible.