Arrival — What is a Microfactory?

Watch the animation

Arrival are looking to revolutionise transportation by completely re-thinking the concept of an electric vehicle and how it’s produced. Core to their ideas is the concept of the Microfactory: an efficient, smart and modular production cell that can be assembled on a global scale. To help explain how this concept works, Set Reset were commissioned to create an animation aimed at informing potential investors and customers.

We worked directly with Arrival to create a narrative that explained in simple yet emotive terms the key differences of this technology and the potential it has to revolutionise manufacturing all over again. This was brought to life with an accompanying illustration style that mixes the creativity of conceptual 2d and the technical authority of isometric 3d design. The end result is a short sharable animation that tells the story of the Microfactory, how it works, and why it will shape the future of transportation.

Project team

Paul Button Bob Wilson James Pierson