MadefromData — Apollo

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This data-inspired screen print embarks on a visual pilgrimage through the Apollo program, one of humanity’s most awe-inspiring endeavours. From President Kennedy’s challenge, “We choose to go to the Moon,” to Armstrong’s iconic “One small step for man,” and the moonwalks that followed, this timeline captures the essence of a journey that stretched beyond technical feats and into the realm of collective ambition. This print offers a timeless reminder of humanity’s capacity to dream big and push the boundaries of possibility.

As self-proclaimed space enthusiasts, we marvelled at the sheer audacity of reaching for the moon with the technology of the time. This print pays homage to that courage, meticulously charting the pivotal milestones of each manned Apollo mission. The first orbit, the ‘trial run’, that momentous first landing and the unlucky mission when things didn’t go to plan. And for the true space cadets out there, there’s a few Easter eggs – subtle nods to lesser-known moments that add an extra layer of discovery to your celestial exploration.