Set Reset


Opening up Finance

Brand refresh and website for payments provider TrueLayer

TrueLayer is opening up the world of finance. Acting as the link between big banks and start-ups, they offer easy integration of next-generation payments and financial data into any app. Founded in 2016 they now lead the market, powering the likes of Revolut, Nutmeg and Trading 212 from five global offices.

Set Reset has created a new website for the next stage of TrueLayer’s product and platform development. Collaborating with TrueLayer’s internal design team, the existing brand was first refocused, reducing the number of colours and graphic devices, while elevating brand elements that reflect the modular nature of the infrastructure that TrueLayer provides.

The refreshed identity puts building blocks front and centre, illustrating the myriad of possibilities for combining TrueLayer’s APIs to create innovative new financial apps. A new icon system was designed to ensure consistency, while a library of animated spot illustrations helps to convey the benefits of each integration. These combine with site interface components in a comprehensive design system that will streamline future creative output.

Being a supplier of financial services it was important that the site was 100% secure, meaning the build could only use static HTML with no links to third party plugins or code. To achieve this Set Reset developed a custom static site generator built on a headless CMS. The result is a flexible and intuitive content management system that allows TrueLayer’s marketing team to easily create and edit new pages from a library of modular site components.


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