Set Reset

SC Johnson

The Blue Paradox

An immersive motion-sensitive experience showing the disastrous impact of plastic in our oceans.

Ocean plastic pollution is an ongoing environmental disaster, but the causes and damage can be difficult to comprehend. SCJ Johnson produced an exhibition to explore these issues and raise awareness of this growing crisis.

As a key part of the experience, Set Reset were commissioned to create an eye-catching and immersive installation, bringing the data to life and showing the full scale of this problem.

The whole room is a canvas, with floor-to-ceiling projectors creating an experience filled with light and motion. Thousands of particles cascade along the main walls—each one representing 100g of plastic entering our oceans in realtime. These visualisations are motion-sensitive, reacting to people’s body movements as they swirl across the room.

A central monolith displays a map modelled from real sea currents, illustrating where ocean plastic comes from and how this is a global problem. On the opposite side are deep dives into the dire consequences of plastic pollution. One wall focuses on the harmful affects to marine life, while the other shows the issue of microplastics and how all of us are consuming them—with unknown consequences…

Created in partnership with Radical Media for SC Johnson's Blue Paradox exhibition, running from 15–27 September 2021 at Exhibition London.


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